A Service with Empathy

As Lutz and I started 'merle & sheppard' in 1991 we felt then, and know today, that there is a better way to help businesses communicate. We have developed a more focussed, responsive and importantly, a more successful approach. We analyse the existing language skills, align our services to the company goals and fine-tune these to the respective business sector and areas. Our reputation is built on highly qualified and talented professionals, customised programmes and a commitment to constant improvement.

We are passionate about inspiring businesses to communicate better - I am looking forward to working with you.

Victoria Sheppard, Managing Partner
merle&sheppard Language Consulting

Fit for Success

Our goals are simple 'efficient achievement of learning targets' and the 'crossing of all (language) barriers'. The essential factor is to recognise what the customer really requires and precisely tailor our services to meet these needs - whether it be for group training of a project team, intensive coaching for an expatriate, conference interpreting or the proof reading of a multiple-language publication.
Over the last few years I have found it especially rewarding seeing our programmes help our clients meet their goals. Within a short time they have become better at what they do, adding more value to their customers, staff and shareholders. We would like to walk this path with you.

Lutz Merle, Managing Partner
merle&sheppard Language Consulting